Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Opportunity Knocks

Sitting at exactly 130 games played, and with 67 of those games recorded as victories, the New York Yankees continue to find themselves embroiled in contention for a post-season berth. Thirty games or more prior, this scribe detailed exactly what it might take for these damned Yankees to do just that: contend for the post-season. Well with 32 games left to play, seemingly a game a day for the rest of this month and all of the next, the Yankees can put themselves in position to do something that would be as amazing as the feat they achieved back in 1978, albeit under less strenuous factors and a wholly different landscape considering how teams make the playoffs in this day and age of baseball, a wild-card or two notwithstanding.

Most have already given the Yankees no shot at making the post-season. And most, to this point, are seemingly correct in their position, for the Yankees have given no indication that they will indeed make it in...to this point. Were the season to end to today they would obviously be correct. And, when the season ends and the Yankees do not make it in they would be correct then too as well. And therein lies the issue. To think and believe they will not make the playoffs is right, however stating that sentiment now is wrong. The season though, does not end today. It still allows though, for the proverbial hot streak. And here we go.

For any to pronounce the Yankees as D.O.A. they may be permitted to do so. The fat lady is already humming, and she may not even need to raise her voice any louder in order to do the job. This is all well and good, but consider this at your own peril, or the peril of the Yankees as it were. The circumstances of the 1978 season are in stark contrast to what these Yankees face. Yet, the hill is just as steep. Yet, all a player ever asked for is the opportunity to play another day. And this is what the Yankees have currently, the opportunity to play another day. Hoping for the opportunity to have the opportunity to play another day. For all that they have not done, it still cannot be counted out. For others, not just that 1978 team, have achieved such a feat. Baseball is the ultimate game of averages, is it not? Then let it play out and see what these last 32 games have to offer. The offer of an above average month of productive, winning baseball. The offer of a hot streak. The offer of opportunity.