Friday, August 23, 2013

Here We Go

So here we go... Not sure where to start, but I do know where I want to finish. Fall is fast approaching and with it all the events that mark the season are preparing themselves to make their autumn debut. NCAA Football starts next weekend. The NFL debuts shortly thereafter. About a month from then NCAA Basketball and the NBA get their time to shine. And even though it started in spring and is the game of summer,America's favorite past-time enters it's homerun stretch as well, as the Fall Classic takes center-stage. And not to mention, it's back-to-school time. Even though I matriculated through the educational system years ago, I always feel this sort of nostalgia when this time of year arrives. To me this is the real beginning of the new year; forget about New Year's Eve!

I start to get visions of bucolic college campuses, packed stadiums (on said college campuses), fight songs, and intense rivalries and tradition. I am romantic about this time of year. Can you tell? So without further ado get ready for the fall. Get ready for 68º weather. Get ready for hoodies, cardigans and pullover sweaters. Get ready for..."the most wonderful time of the year!"